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Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

Happy Dragon Boat Festival !read more


Haskoll Invited to Attend the "China-UK Urban Sustainability Roundtable Discussion"

On May 14, 2024, the "China-UK Urban Sustainability Roundtable Discussion," jointly organised by the British Embassy in China and the China National Institute of Standardization, was successfully held in Beijing. Mr. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China, was honoured to be invited to attend this distinguished meeting.

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Congratulations on the Signing of Suning Yijia MAX Beijing Zhongta Project by Suning

Haskoll provided the bid proposal design for planning, architectural design, and interior design for the project, contributing to the successful signing of Suning Yijia MAX Beijing Zhongta project in the Beijing more


"Sherlock Holmes • The Mind Palace" themed pop-up store parachutes into CapitaMall Xizhimen in Beijing!

The second "Sherlock Holmes • The Mind Palace" themed pop-up store officially opened on April 2, 2024, at CapitaMall Xizhimen in more


"Sherlock Holmes • The Mind Palace" themed pop-up store grandly opened its first store in China!

The first "Sherlock Holmes • The Mind Palace" themed pop-up store in China, jointly invested and developed by Haskoll and the Conan Doyle Estate , officially opened on 01 March  2024 at CapitaMall Daxing in more


Haskoll Wish You Happy New Year

Haskoll wish you good health, all the best, happiness, and success in the Year of the Loong!read more


Top Detective • Sherlock Holmes X China's First Station Sends You a Team Invitation

As a new business venture jointly developed by Haskoll and the Conan Doyle Estate, the Sherlock Holmes Metaverse series introduces its latest pop-up store product "Top Detective • Sherlock Holmes" at China's inaugural location in Beijing CapitaMall Daxing in March more



Haskoll Becomes the Design Service Provider for Amway Shanghai Flagship Experience Centre

Haskoll is delighted to announce that, after rigorous selection and bidding processes, it has successfully stood out and secured the comprehensive design project for the Amway Shanghai Flagship Experience Centre. This project includes architectural refurbishment, interior design, exhibition layout, and lighting design.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!read more


Grand Opening's 100 Day: This Shopping Centre Has Become the Newest Must-Visit Landmark in the Beijing!

Beijing Huiduo Mall, designed with Haskoll's involvement, has been open to the public for over a hundred days. Since its open, it has now become the newest must-visit landmark in the Beijing!read more


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday!read more


Haskoll attended the "Sustainable Design China Summit 2023"

From September 21-23, the "Sustainable Design China Summit 2023" was held grandly at the Beijing Exhibition Center. Dr. Henry Yang, the Managing Director of Haskoll China, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech in the "Towards a Greener Future" session titled "Green Sustainable Architectural Design in the Age of Digitalization."

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"Holmes themed Park" signed contract in 2023 CIFTIS

On September 2, the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was grandly opened. The UK DBT and the China NRTA  jointly organized the offline "China-UK Audio-Visual Industry Cooperation Dialogue" event. Haskoll was invited to attend, and in the presence of leaders from both sides, signed a significant cooperation agreement on the " Beijing Miyun Holmes themed Park " with the Conan Doyle Estate and Beijing Taihua Group. This collaboration aims to advance in-depth exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK in the fields of cultural creativity and the audiovisual industry.

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Grand Opening of Beijing Huiduo Mall

Beijing Huiduo Mall officially opened on June 18! 

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UK DIT Delegation visited Shaanxi

In June 2023, the UK DIT Delegation visited Shaanxi Province for inspection and exchange. Mr. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China, accompanied the delegation on their visit.

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Haskoll attended "Henan - UK Industry Matchmaking Conference" with UK DIT Delegation in Henan

On March 22, the "China Henan - UK Industry Matchmaking Conference" was held in Zhengzhou. Zhang Min, Vice Governor of Henan Province, and Tom Duke, Deputy HM Trade Commissioner to China, attended the conference and delivered speeches. Mr. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China, accompanied the delegation and attended the conference.

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Haskoll Wish You Happy New Year

Haskoll wish you good health, all the best, happiness, and success in the Year of the Rabbit!

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【Winner】 Beijing Tongzhou Business Zone Project

Haskoll has won the bid for the urban planning and design project for the high-quality development plan of the "One Circle One Strategy" for the Jiukeshu and Beiyuan commercial areas in Beijing's sub-center.

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New Consumption X Space Technology Forum

In October 2022, Haskoll and Opportunity Cloud APP jointly launched the "New Consumption X Space Technology Forum". We will invite hundreds of outstanding contributors from globally renowned new consumer brands, creative agencies, and space-related fields to start an online dialogue together. 

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Beijing Huiduo Mall opening soon

Located at Huangchang Station on Subway Line 7 and adjacent to the core area of Beijing's CBD and the urban sub-center, the 130,000sqm Huiduo Mall is currently under construction and will have a grand opening soon.

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"Walking Davos" Into Beijing Municipal Administrative Center

Haskoll participated in the "Walking Davos" event and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Tongzhou District Government.

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Maker Beijing 2022

Haskoll's "DSV Digital Intelligent Technology" has successfully entered the finals of the 7th "Maker China" Beijing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the "Maker Beijing 2022" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition through expert and investor defense.

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Haskoll accompanied the British Embassy in China and DIT on a visit to CAUPD

On July 7th 2022, Haskoll accompanied the British Embassy in China and the DIT on a visit to CAUPD for cooperation talks.

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Digital Space Value Clound Services

Commercial Circulation DSV Analysis

Store Value DSV Analysis

Land Value DSV Analysis

Slow-traffic System DSV Analysis

AI-assisted Design

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Haskoll accompanied the British Embassy in China on a visit to SINOBO Group

On June 22 2022, Haskoll accompanied a delegation from the British Embassy in China and British enterprise representatives to visit the headquarters of SINOBO and hold a cooperative meeting.

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Sustainable and Low-carbon Design - Haskoll&Ryder's Design Philosophy and Practice

In order to address the ongoing challenges posed by environmental, climate, and social changes, the architecture industry needs a transformative approach. To adapt to these challenges, Haskoll&Ryder has actively explored low-carbon building design, digital simulation, Industry 4.0 smart buildings, and other areas, building its own design philosophy and practice focused on sustainability and low-carbon.

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Planning & Architectural Design of Industrial 4.0 Park in Beijing

Industry 4.0

Internet of Things: Cyber‐Physical Systems

Industrial economic innovation: Construct an intelligent industrial world, develop smart factories with adaptability, resource efficiency, and human‐machine collaborative engineering, so as to run through the supply chain partner process and enterprise value process, and create product service and customization supply capacity.

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Chongli Dolomiti Resort

Haskoll was invited to participate in the design work of the Chongli Dolomiti phase 2, and has recently completed the relevant concept design work of the town.

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The Case Study of Urban Renewal in UK

Based on our long timeinternational experience, Haskoll have summarized some key points for city renewal for discussion.

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Haskoll supports the Winter Olympics and builds Chongli together

The 24th Beijing Winter Olympics will officially open tomorrow, and the torch will be passed to Chongli this afternoon, letting our design to become an important scene in history, bearing the humanistic feelings and dreams of the Olympic Games.

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Haskoll Wish You Happy New Year

Haskoll wish all of you good health, all the best, happiness and good luck in the Year of the Tiger!

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【Winner】Beijing Science And Technology Industrial 4.0 Park

Haskoll has won the bid for Beijing Science And Technology Industrial 4.0 Park!

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Haskoll was invited to visit Shenzhen local leading enterprises with the UK City Trade Delegation

On October 27 2021, the UK City Trade Delegation visited Shenzhen and Haskoll was invited to visit local leading enterprises with the delegation. 

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Haskoll won a Highly Commended 2021 RLI Award for the Renovation of Centre Manor Sierre in Switzerland

Haskoll won a Highly Commended RLI Award for the Renovation of Centre Manor Sierre in Switzerland. 

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London Angel Central Shopping Centre was completed

Shopping centre refurbishment of Angel Central in London, designed by Haskoll was completed.

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【Shortlisted】Suzhou Industrial Design Culture Village

Haskoll has been invited by the People's Government of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou to participate in the international competition for the conceptual design of the "Suzhou Industrial Design Culture Village".

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Haskoll was invited to visit Xi’an participating in the Silk Road International Expo

On the 11th of May Haskoll visited Xi'an with the UK Department for International Trade (DIT), participating in the Silk Road International Expo sub-forum. 

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Haskoll was invited to visit Chengdu with the UK Trade Delegation

On the 26th of March, the largest UK Trade delegation visited Chengdu Eastern New Area since the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle was founded. Haskoll was invited as one of the top-ten strongest UK companies in this part of China to join this important visit.

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Haskoll Digital Technology lands in Shanghai Hongqiao Xiangcheng Building

On March 16 2021, Gu Haidong, the Secretary of the Xiangcheng District Committee of Suzhou and other leaders visited the Haskoll Digital Technology (Shanghai) office.

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Haskoll Wish You Happy New Year

2020 marked the 10th anniversary of Haskoll China. Over the past year, adhering to the company's goal of "creating memorable and functionally excellent spaces", we have participated in more than 20 projects in over ten different cities, accumulating a wealth of experience in commercial complexes and cultural tourism real estate. 

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Congratulations on the grand opening of Suning Plaza in Zhuzhou

On October 30, Zhuzhou's first "5G+MEC intelligent commercial complex", designed by Haskoll, officially opened.

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Winner:Hangzhou Mangrove Reort

Hangzhou Trail Mountain Mangrove Resort World is a leisure vacation, fashion art, cultural creativity, film and television scene shooting production, entertainment shopping as one of the destination-style integrated resort......

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Fulong Four Seasons Town

Fulong Four Seasons Town Project is Fulong Holdings' $26 billion benchmark project in 2016 to build and operate a full-dwelling leisure resort. In planning and building, in the face of fulong four seasons town "sports, vacation and residence" three groups of visitors, to create a snow sports as the core of the hill resort. 

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Zhouzhu Suning Plaza

Haskoll adhering to suning real estate brand manifesco "wisdom to build a better life", multicultural city as starting point, fusion "wisdom,cultural creativity, ecology, art" the core of the appeal, by the wisdom of operation and service, promote the overall upgrade of commercial space and operations, improve the quality of spatial experience and, zhuzhou suning plaza, new appearance, will lead the zhuzhou business into the new era is full of the infinite possibilities of the future commercial wisdom.

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Haskoll has teamed up with Vanke to create an ecological holiday experience in Fuxian Lake

Vanke Fuxian Lake Resort project is located in Fuxian Lake Scenic Area, Chengjiang City, Yunnan Province. Fuxian Lake is the best plateau deep water lake with ecological protection in China. It is called "boundless expanse of coloured glaze" by the ancient people and is an important leisure, tourism and holiday destination in Yunnan Province.

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Haskoll Hainan Projects

Hainan Island is China’s premier holiday destination and with its new ‘Special Economic Zone’ status with tax advantages is being promoted by the PRC more strongly than ever. Even a new airline and a new airport are bucking the trend during these troubled times for air travel. 

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From Idea to Reality

In architecture one of the most fulfilling aspects of design is seeing a pure and simple idea turned into a beautiful building. The process is not always simple but the best results are when the purity and simplicity of the idea is retained in the finished product.

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Haskoll was invited to attend the product launch of Liqiao Art Palace

On June 3 that Li Qiao Art Palace and Y&L Entertainment & Sports jointly hold "Li Qiao Art Exhibition" in Beijing 798 Art District.

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"City Escape" from the Eye of an Architect

When you are surrounded by a hustle and bustle city and troubled by complicated relationships, when you feel that you have been abandoned by life, don’t forget that there is one thing that will never abandon you, that is nature.

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Haskoll 10 Years in China

Haskoll Beijing has now been registered in China for 10 very exciting and eventful years. We want to wish all of those involved with our office either as part of our design teams or as clients the very best and thank you all for your commitment to making Haskoll so successful and influential in the urbanisation of China in that time.

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Haskoll is bringing the Long History of TOD (Transport Orientated Development) to China

London Bridge was opened in 1836, making it the oldest station in London. This station is a prime example of TOD (Transport Orientated Development) and is one of many stations that Haskoll have worked on over the years as stations continue to become more than just places to catch a train. They are of such high value due to their ‘connectedness’ that they are must destinations in which to work, live or stay and also meet up, shop or eat and drink with friends.

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The Design Idea of Community Business and Neighborhood Communication Space

Community business is not "business within the community", but "business serving the community."

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Post Pandemic Memory and Innovation

People are already asking the question, how will the world be different after this global pandemic and how will it affect our lifestyle, social interaction and the urban way of life?  Does it bring into question the model of high rise living and dense urbanisation which has been taken as the norm for the environmental sustainability of our world?

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A Newly Discovered Pastime during the Corona Virus

Hey who would have thought that one of the outcomes of a world shattering virus pandemic is the rediscovery of walking as a therapeutic and pleasant way of spending our time!

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10 Years Witness | Capturing the Cultural Heritage of China’s Industrial Revolution

The 2 projects, both for the same tier 2 city in China demonstrate the changing attitudes to reuse of existing factory buildings over the last 10 years. Whilst the value of the cultural heritage of China re-establishes its significance in peoples’ lives and identity. 

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Do you want to know what happened in British Community last week?

Peter will take you to the coastal town of Bexhill to visit The De La Warr Pavilion in England.

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Series of Tweets (2): The Environmental Imperative to Develop Brownfield Sites and Requirement for Planning Legislation

The urbanisation of populations across the world and specifically in China over the last 35 years necessitates the optimisation of use of Brownfield Sites in cities.

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Series of Tweets (1): How to Make Maximum Use of Brownfield Sites

Peter speaks on “How to Make Maximum Use of Brownfield Sites ” and begins to release a series of March tweets in future. It will show a series of topics such as how to reuse “Brownfield” in Haskoll project.

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COVID – 19 Positive Lessons Learnt for China

There are ‘takeaways’ from the COVID-19 virus challenge that China is facing and I am pleased that Haskoll China can work in such an environment with a positive ‘can do’ mentality.

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Understanding and Designing for the Movement of People

Understanding and designing for the Movement of People makes communities and commerce work, and this what has been at the heart of Haskoll’s architectural and urban design for China over the last 10 years. 

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Haskoll Resumes Work Today

Haskoll Beijing Office resumed work on February 17, 2020 by taking turns to carry out office shifts and remote office work.

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Royal institute of British architects China tour

The Royal Institute of British Architects recently held receptions at ROCA Gallery in Shanghai and Beijing. Dr. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China was invited to attend the Beijing event.

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Haskoll was invited to participate in “the high end seminar of commercial theme block”

On November 13, the design committee of wanshang club held an offline salon activity named "high-end professional seminar of commercial theme block", which was attended by leaders from cofco Joy City, longhu, kaide, yitian and other commercial real estate related leaders as well as senior leaders from CallisonRTKL, RSP, Haskoll, China construction, veko design and other design companies.

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Haskoll was invited to attend ReTailor Hub

On November 12, a series of brand activities under c-star brand ReTailor Hub- "revitalizing stock business, new ways to play in the department store" was successfully held in Beijing ai factory culture and technology industry integration park. Dr. Yang zhen, managing director of Haskoll China, was invited to attend and deliver the keynote speech.

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Report on the 19th China international urban construction expo

Haskoll was invited to participate in the exhibition and attend the on-site technical exchange meeting. The 19th China international urban construction expo (hereinafter referred to as the 19th urban construction expo), reported by the ministry of commerce and hosted by China architectural culture center, will be grandly opened at China international exhibition center (new hall) in Beijing on November 7, 2019, and the exhibition period will last until November 9.

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The 19th China International Urban Construction Expo

Haskoll was invited to participate in the 19th China international urban construction expo (hereinafter referred to as the 19th city expo), which was approved by the ministry of commerce and hosted by China architectural culture center.

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Haskoll was invited to attend the China-UK Business Forum

The China-UK Business Forum with the theme of “Respond to Change and Plan for the Future” was held on 16th September 2019 in Beijing British House......

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“Public Transport-Oriented TOD Comprehensive Development and International Experience Reference Summit Forum”

The 6th Public Transport-oriented TOD Comprehensive Development and International Experience Reference Summit Forum was successfully held in Xi'an from August 10th to August 11th, 2019! ......

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Industrial Heritage Building Retention and Renovation Research Camp Opened this Month!

Peter Goldsmith, Chairman of Haskoll China, is invited as the keynote speaker to participate in the “Industrial Heritage Building Retention and Renovation Research Camp”...

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Haskoll Helps Fortune Global 500 - Suning, Creating a City Model Store

Zhuzhou Suning plaza model store is located at the intersection of north Huanghe road and Lushan road, with a total investment of 1.5 billion RMB Yuan and a commercial volume of about 85,000 square meters. It is expected to open in 2020......

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HK l Haskoll Attended the Asian Retail Forum and received the OMA Award

The 11th Asian Retail Forum was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in May 2019. Mr. Peter, Chairman of Haskoll China was invited as an important lecturer to attend and receive the OMA Award......

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Haskoll & UCL held“UCL Built Environment Club (Beijing) Forum: URBAN SPATIAL MASTERPLANNING - an Art or a Science?

During the evening of 10th July of year 2019, Bejing Haskoll Architectural Design Consultancy and The Bartlett of UCL held “UCL Built Environment Club (Beijing)” event at ……

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JUST DESIGN | Haskoll x LPS Extraordinary Design Cocktail Party

The 19th extraordinary Design Cocktail Party was held at Wanda Vista Beijing on 10:00a.m.-13:00p.m.  22nd June 2019. Haskoll joined hands the 2nd time with LPS and many authoritative brands and institutions in the design industry to successfully host this event......

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Conference on historic villages| Xinqikou: One of the top ten ancient villages and towns favorite by 2019 netizens

The 4th National Conference on historic villages was held in the ancient town of Qikou, Shanxi Province, the first town of the Yellow River in Jiuqu on 24th May 2019......

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Invitation | Haskoll x LPS Design Party

Haskoll sincerely invites you to attend the LPS extraordinary design cocktail party on Saturday morning, June 22, to review the latest trends in high-end design……

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Heritage Building Salon

Industry Insights: Shanghai Historic District & Building Protection Seminar......

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Haskoll invites you to participate in the Retail Asia Conference

Once a year, it is the highlight of Retail Asia Conference & Expo......

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China UK University Exchange Dinner

University of East Anglia (UEA) held an international exchange dinner on April 6 in Beijing...

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Dr. Henry Yang dinner with Lord Mayor of City of London

Dr. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China joined the VIP dinner event with the Rt Hon Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Peter Estlin, the 691st Lord Mayor. 

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International Forum – University of East Anglia UEA

Peter Goldsmith spoke as one of the key speakers to an international audience at the University of East Anglia (UEA) ......

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“All THE WORLD IS GREEN” Dual Exhibition officially opened!

ALL THE WORLD IS GREEN,Clerkenwell more


Event Review | 2019 Haskoll Annual Party

Haskoll 2019 Annual Review – “Annual Report”.....

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Haskoll Projects|Buzz city | Landmark of Culture & Tourism

Tahoe Fuzhou Bay Urban Forum, “World Vision, Future Realm, Happy more



Haskoll Winter Olympics and Ski Resort Projects

This year Beijing celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary of the Olympic games of more


Grand Central Birmingham

For a long time, training stations have been seen as a necessity to simply catching a more


Haskoll officially launched the Xiamen Mangrove Resort Project from Antaeus Group near East China Sea

Haskoll won the bidding for Xiamen Mangrove Tree Resort Project......

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Young artists will meet again at Clerkenwell Space party tomorrow!

We are delighted to be able to invite you to Yang Hao& Alëna Olasyuk's INVERSION Dual exhibitionin Beijing more


Haskoll Projects丨The first northeast China leading demonstration area for immersive national tourism resort will come soon!

Changchun Lotus Mountain Planning · National Tourist Resort Conceptual Planning Projectread more


Chinese National Geograph

On May 24th, Mr. Lin from Chinese National Geography visited more


Clerkenwell Space: Eden Gallery Exhibition Opening

On Apr. 19th, a series of new artworks have been displaying in Clerkenwell Space - Haskoll Beijing more


Legend Hailongtun won Merit Award of Culture & Tourism Project in 2017-2018 CREDAWARD Ceremony

A Haskoll Project: Hailongtun won the more


China Hotel STARLIGHT AWARDS was announced.......

On Mar. 28th -29th, the 13thChina Hotel Starlight more


Beijing Bingo Cinema opening

On Apr. 28th , Beijing Bingo cinema opened with a high attention. As the interior desgner , Haskoll was more


Haskoll attended the high level trade discussion of Guizhou Province

Held on 24th April 2018 in London at the Guildhall A high level trade delegation from Guizhou Province more


The importance to international cities of mixed-use and landmark ......

On 23rd Mar, Haskoll Chairman Mr. Peter Goldsmith was invited to give a talk to Evergrande more


Mr. Peter Goldsmith was invited to give a talk to Evergrande Zhengzhou

On 23rd Mar, Haskoll Chairman Mr. Peter Goldsmith was invited to give a talk to Evergrande more


Qingdao CGS Cinema Openning

Haskoll recently celebrated the opening of the latest CGS Cinema in Qingdao as part of the Mangrove Tree Resort World, more


Haskoll Annual Party

On Feb.2nd, Haskoll Annual Party was held more


2017-2018 CRED AWARD

On January 23rd 2018, the 4th CHINA REAL ESTATE DESIGN AWARD announced the shortlist this more


Beijing Spotlight Shopping Mall

Beijing Spotlight Shopping Mall is a commercial mixed use project by JinFeng more



Beijing Piaoliang Plaza Refurnishment

As the landmark of Yayuncun(Asian Sports Village), Beijing Piaoliang Plaza was built in 1999 and opened in 2001. Located in the ground floor if Yangguang Square, No. 68 more


Haskoll 2017 Christmas Party

Haskoll 2017 Christmas Party was successfully held in Bejing and Shanghai office on Dec 22nd. We enjoyed the happy hours more


Haskoll Shanghai Christmas Reception

During the evening of Dec.4th of year 2017, Haskoll Architectural Design Consultancy and HDC Holdings held a Shanghai Christmas Reception at Shanghai Clerkenwell more


Haskoll attended 8th Zunyi Tourism Development Conference

The 8th Zunyi Tourism Industry Development Conference was held at Chinese Gelao Cultural Park in more


Fuhua Libre Resorts successfully opened globally

Fuhua Libre Resorts successfully opened globally on the 27th of September at Huangshan, Anhui more


The Bartlett China Academission 2017 event at Haskoll

On Wednesday evening the 1st November 2017,Bejing Haskoll Architectural Design Consultancy and The Bartlett of UCL held the Bartlett China Academission 2017 event in more


Haskoll Shanghai:Our New Home

We are delighted to announce that the Haskoll Shanghai office has moved to a new more


CURI International Characteristic Town Development Forum

Peter Goldsmith, the Chairman of Haskoll, was invited to CURI International Characteristic Town Development Forum as a guest more


Tahoe Fuzhou Bay Mixed-use Development

Haskoll launched an exciting project in Fuzhou Bay, a tourism-led mixed-use more


The British House Opening

The British House (Beijing Flagship Store) is one of the key developments of Beijing Fun Project in Dashilan Historic Conservation Area. Haskoll designed the interior space for this 1,500-sqm more


Student Open Day at Haskoll Beijing

Haskoll Open Day for the public was organised to provide a better insight to the industry to university students and graduates at the end of more


Zunyi Tourism Development Conference

The 7th Zunyi Tourism Development Conference was launched in Hailongtun Tourism Village in more


Wanda Vista Harbin Grand Opening

Wanda Vista Harbin, together with Harbin Wanda City had its grand opening on the 30th of more


Haskoll attends at Smart City Review Meeting

Peter Goldsmith, Chairman of Haskoll Beijing as a panel of experts attended Review Meeting of International Standardisation more


Haskoll win 2017 China CSR Award

British, American and Chinese companies were honoured on the 3rd of May, 2017 for their commitment to developing a fairer and more


Haskoll Spring Trip to Qingdao

Haskoll had our spring outing to Qingdao in more


FRB.C wins Honouree Award

FRB.C Copenhagen received an Honouree Award in the ICSC VIVA Global Awards this more


Haskoll Won Real Estate China Merit Award

Haskoll's mixed use project – Sanya Bay Mangrove Resort was shortlisted in Real Estate China Award in February and finally won the 2016-2017 Real more


Haskoll attended Real Estate Architects Forum

2017 Real Estate Architects Forum was held in Shanghai on the 28th April, more


UK Hunan Business Conference

The UK Humam Business Conference was held in London on 16th March 2017 at the Mandarin Oriental more


UCL Built Environment Club Reception at Haskoll

UCL Built Environment Club (Beijing) Reception was hold at Haskoll Beijing Office on the 1st of March, more


Haskoll Chairman attended Chevening Talk

Peter Goldsmith,the Chairman of Haskoll China attended the first Chevening Talk hosted in more


Qingdao Mangrove Resort Outlet Opening

Opening Ceremony for Qingdao Mangrove Resort Outlet Phase 1 was held on the 24th, December, more


Haskoll's 2017 Annual Party in Beijing

Haskoll had an exciting annual party to welcome and celebrate 2017 Chinese New Year on the 13th, January, more


Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort Opening

Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort had its grand opening celebration on Christmas Eve, 24th, December, more


Haskoll Won Top 100 Internship Recruiter

HiAll and Shixiseng, two of the largest internship recruiting agencies in China revealed their 2016 Top 100 Internship Recruiters more



Bingo Cinema Design Project

Haskoll hasenjoyed a 2 year partnership with Bingo cinema, a partnership which is expected to continue more


Evergrande Group Collaboration

Modern enterprise group Evergrande Group incoprorates real estate, finance, Internet, health, tourism, more


CFLD Partnership

China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (CFLD) is one of the leading industry operators in more


Sanya Begonia Bay under Construction

Sanya Begonia Bay, Mangrove Tree Resort is another exciting project for Antaeus Group more


Tea Factory Refurbishment Design

After a successful bid, Haskoll have been working on the refurbishment for an old tea factory more


Facade construction finished in Harbin Wanda Plaza

Our latest Wanda Hotel Project is located in prime location in the Songbei District of HArbin.With a site area is 114,000 sqm and gross floor area measures 244,900 more


Shanghai Paddington Kindergarten Opening

This September saw the official opening of Haskoll’s first dedicated Kindergarten more


Yufeng Wang's Solo Exhibition

On the 12st of August, 2016, Yufeng Wang's solo exhibition held by Haskoll and The Showroom was officially opened in Clerkenwell more


Qingdao Mangrove Resort Opening Ceremony

Qingdao Mangrove Resort, the largest resort in China, officially launched its opening ceremony for the first more


Shanghai Yuzhou Shopping Plaza Opening

Shanghai Yuzhou Shopping Plaza launched their grand opening on the 23rd of July, more


Jiangyin Chengtian Cinema Commercial Interior

Orange Sky have recently appointed Haskoll to design the commercial interior for Chengtian Cinema in more


Haskoll Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

On the 7th, June, Haskoll offices in Beijing and Shanghai came together to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival including Dragon Boat more


FRB.C Best Nordic Mall 2016

During the NCSC Nordic Awards 2016 held recently in Copenhagen, Haskoll’s Frederiksberg more


Old Tea Factory Creative Park

After a competitive bid Haskoll were appointed by developer Hopson to undertake a unique and challenging refurbishment more


Orange Sky Collaboration

Beijing Orange Sky & Golden Harvest Entertainment International Limited (OSGH) is a leading entertainment more


China's 1st LEGO Experience Centre

Grosvenor Group, one of London's wealthiest and leading property companies, invited Haskoll to refurbish the interior and exterior of Shanghai Parkside Plaza more


Hangzhou Silk Village Win

Hangzhou Nanshan International Silk Town is situated at the north end of Pheonix Mountain with a total planning area more


Haskoll Chairman CCTV Interview

On March 9, 2016, Haskoll chairman Peter Goldsmith is interviewed by the “Global Business” Program more


Chongqing City Exhibition

On 8 March 2016, Dasha River Gelao International Cultural Eco-tourism Resort—Chongqing City more


“Dust& Light” Art Exhibition

On 17 March 2016, Xie Hong Dong solo exhibition: Dust & Light sponsored by “Haskoll” and “Telescope” was officially more


British Business Council Interview

On 8 March 2016, Haskoll chairman Peter·Goldsmith accepted the interview by China-British Business Council ( CBBC) and British Chamber of Commerce in more


Haskoll wish you a rewarded year of monkey!

Haskoll wish all our clients, partners and friends a prosperous year of monkey! Thank you for your support more


Happy Year of the Monkey

As 2016 Chinese New Year is coming soon, Haskoll held its 6th annual party to celebrate the coming of New more


Haskoll Director Manager Dr. Zhen Yang was invited to attend“China Low Carbon City Seminar”

On Jan 6th 2016, The ”China Low Carbon City Seminar” held by UTKI and CBBC and Zhuhai City Planning Bureau was held in Zhuhai, nearly a hundred Industry more


Haskoll successfully held the “UCL Built Environment Club Event” in Beijing

In the evening of January 18th, 2016, the ‘’UCL Built Environment Club Event” was successfully held in Haskoll more


Beijing North Star Villa is officially completed

On 29 October 2015, a grand opening ceremony of North Star Villa 1900 was held in more


Christmas Party is held in Beijing Office

On 25 December 2015, Haskoll’s Annual Christmas Party was more


Birmingham Shopping Center won the BCSC Gold Best New Centre 2015

In the evening of 3 December 2015, the British Council of Shopping Centers held a dinner party in London Grosvenor more



Mount Huang New Global Club Project is officially starting

Haskoll’s new project-Mount Huang New Global Club is officially launched more


Haskoll director Peter Goldsmith is interviewed by Daily Mail

Recently, one of the most famous newspaper media in UK—Mail Daily published an article named” more


Haskoll successfully wins the bidding of Huancui Valley and Guangwu town planning and design project

On November 16, 2015, the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Development Company Ltd. has held a public bidding on Huancui Valley more


Shanghai Cinema Center interior design project has been successfully completed

Shanghai Cinema Center proposed to build in Pudong Sanlin area. It will be the first large themed movie park ......
read more


Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort has officially laid a foundation

Congratulated on Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort, the biggest comprehensive holiday destination of east China, has officially more


Haskoll China Chairman Peter Goldsmith gave speech at China- Britain Business Breakfast Briefing

Haskoll China Chairman Peter Goldsmith gave speech at China- Britain Business Breakfast Briefing launched by CBBC, more


Haskoll China MD Henry Yang gave speech at Taiyuan "Exploring Tour" Designer Salon

The High-end designer Salon –“ Exploring Tour”which hosted by Sohu in Taiyuan, was held in Chateau Star River Hotel on 19th more


Guilin Gaoxin Wanda Plaza has launched officially grand opening

Guilin Gaoxin Wanda Plaza, the 124th Wanda Plaza of China, has officially launched the grand opening on 12th September more


Haskoll China has officially signed the contract with Grosvenor Group on Shanghai Parkview Plaza project

Haskoll China has finalized the design refurbishment contract of Shanghai Changfeng Parkside Shopping Plaza with Grosvenor Group after 3 rounds more


Haskoll China Chairman Peter Goldsmith met with Members of Parliament

The British All-Party Parliamentary China Group (APPCG) visited China during 21th to 25th September 2015. Haskoll China Chairman, Peter Goldsmith more


Please help us to congratulate Haskoll Beijing on the recent relocation to Shimao Gongsan Plaza!

Haskoll Beijing has recently relocated to Shimao Gongsan Plaza. It’s not only the new office of Haskoll more


Haskoll CPD -- “Entertainment Design Including Theme Park Designs in US and China”

23th July 2015, Haskoll CPD invited the Executive Director of Cuningham (Beijing) Architecture Design Consulting more


Victoria Place Shopping Centre nominated for RLI Shopping Centre Renovation 2015

Victoria Place Shopping Centre nominated for RLI(Retail & Leisure International) Shopping Centre Renovation more


Haskoll China MD Dr. Yang zhen was invited to give speech in World Design Capital Architecture Forum 2016

Haskoll China MD Dr. Yang zhen was invited to the Taipei World Design Capital Architecture Forum more


Haskoll China Chairman Mr.Peter Goldsmith give speech on “Smart Shopping for Smart Shoppers”

Haskoll China Chairman Mr. Peter Goldsmith was invited to a discussion seminar on the “Smart Cities Debate” more


Neijiang Wanda Realm Hotel which designed by Haskoll China has been officially completed

This hotel and office complex crowns a wider mixed use commercial centre more


Scan the QR code, follow Haskoll on Wechat right now

Haskoll Wechat account has officialy went online. Please scan the QR code and follow us on Wechat to get the latest Haskoll design and more


The first phase of Guizhou Dasha River Gelao International Cultural Eco-tourism Resort has been officially launched

Dasha River Gelao International Cultural Eco-tourism Resort is located in the Southern foot of World Heritage Jinfo more


Haskoll projects were selected in 《Commercial Architecture Tide II》

Three of Haskoll projects were selected in. They are Hubei Jinzhou Wanda Plaza, Fujian Longyan Wanda Plaza and Shandong more


Zhengzhou Fabric Factory New World Hotel has been completed!

A 700,000㎡ mixed-use development in the west of Zhengzhou converts this former industrial site into a premier more


Haskoll Wish You a Rewarded Year of Goat!

Haskoll Wish You a Rewarded Year of Goat!read more


Haskoll wish you a rewarded year of goat!

Main cities with Haskoll China’s projects in year 2014: Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, more



JinDian Beijing Dongba River Tourist Project

Haskoll has signed another key project in Beijing: Beijing Dongba more


Longyan Welcomes the New Wanda Plaza

Wanda Longyan Plaza was newly opened on 7th November 2014 providing 211,500㎡ of commercial more


Suite of Restaurants Opening Soon in Sanya

A suite of 12 restaurants designed by Haskoll will be officially opened to the public more


Haskoll Wins Best Service at British Business Award 2014

Haskoll Wins Best Service at British Business Award 2014read more


Longyan Wanda Plaza Completion

Another Wanda Plaza designed by Haskoll— Longyan Wanda Plaza –reached completion in early more


Haskoll wins “Architectural Gold Award” in China Residential Contest

Haskoll, an architects and design company, has been named the winner of 'Architectural Gold Award' in the 'China more


China Daily Interviews Peter Goldsmith

Haskoll China Chairman, Peter Goldsmith, was interviewed recently by China Daily on the topic 'Building the more


Wenling Jinping Park Xintiandi Opens

On the first day of Chinese 'Golden Week', another outstanding Haskoll design, Wenling Jinping Park Xintiandi, was more


Hotel Lobby, Movie Park and Mall Opening in Sanya

Following committed site support by Haskoll throughout July, August and September 2014, each of a hotel lobby, a movie more


Haskoll Selected as One of Five Finalists for Prestigious Award

Haskoll has been selected as one of the five finalists for the "Best Service" award at The British Business Awards more


Jingzhou Welcomes New Wanda Plaza

With a powerful street presence designed by more


Haskoll Urges for Sustainability at Urban Development and Planning Conference

2014 (Ninth) Urban Development and Planning Conference was held at the Binghai International Conference Hall in Tianjin more


Haskoll Team Pulls Together at Mountain Retreat

Over the 21th and 22nd September 2014, Haskoll enjoyed an "Autumn Outbound" activity in the picturesque more


Haskoll Chair the NOI+ICSC China Asset Management Conference

On 21st – 22nd August, the "NOI+ICSC China Asset Management Conference" was hosted successfully in more


Longyan Wanda to Open Soon

Lonyan Wanda will be officially opened to the public more


Making their Mark on Dezhou Riverside

In August, Haskoll signed a design services contract with NHH on their Dezhou Riverside more


2014 International Symposium on Planning and Architectural Design Speech

The 3rd International Symposium on Planning and Architectural Design of High-Star Hotel and Tourism Real Estate more


High Profile Guest Speakers contribute to Haskoll’s In-house Training

Haskoll hosts a 'Continuing Professional Development' programme every week to build the team's more


Jingzhou Wanda Plaza to Open Soon

In accordance with Wanda's demanding programme, this 121,800m2 commercial project is nearing more


Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort Triumph

Haskoll is proud to announce their victory in the design competition against international contenders for the Hangzhou Mangrove Tree more


Haskoll Co-chairs CBBC Infrastructure and Property Forum

On 28th July 2014, this CBBC forum hosted an event entitled 'Urban Planning and Regeneration'. Henry Yang, Managing Director of Haskoll China more


Design Task Force on Site

A team of resident designers from Haskoll China has been assisting the on-site delivery of the interior design elements of this Mangrove Tree resort more


Haskoll Was Invited to Attend Premier Li Keqiang’s Welcome Banquet in London

Peter Goldsmith, chairman of Haskoll China, was invited to attend a welcome banquet with the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Natural History more


Haskoll Managing Director elected as Committee Member to the British Chamber of Commerce

The annual election of the China British Business Council and the British Chamber of Commerce in China more


Penglai Joy Plaza Completion

The first stage of Penglai Joy Plaza designed by Haskoll for developer Whitepeak has been officially more


Haskoll China Chairman's Speech on UK-China Trade & Economic Forum

The UK-China Trade & Economic Forum was held at the Westminster Central Hall in London on June 17th more


Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Dr Vince Cable Meets Haskoll China Chairman

Peter Goldsmith, chairman of Haskoll China, was invited to meet Dr Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business more


Shanghai Yuzhou Tower Completion

The construction work on Shanghai Yuzhou Tower reached completion recently and will be in full use imminently as a head-quarters more


Lin Yi London Gardens Phase 2 Opens

Phase 2 of the London Gardens residential project, situated in Lin Yi, Shandong more


Haskoll Expands Shanghai Office

Addressing the growing demand for our services in south-east China, Haskoll Shanghai office has been expanded this more


Haskoll Wins Continued Commitment Category at China Business Award 2014

Haskoll, an architects and design company, has been named the winner of the Continued Commitment category more


Shortlisted for China Business Awards 2014

Congratulations! Haskoll has been shortlisted for the Cathay Pacific China Business Awards 2014 on 16th April more


Updated Version of Haskoll China Website

The co-operation of teams from Beijing, Shanghai and London has launched a major update to Haskoll China's website in April 2014 more


Haskoll Wins Guilin Wanda Project

Both Guilin Wanda Plaza and Harbin Wanda six-star hotel, designed by more


Haskoll Wins Six-Star Hotel Group Design for Wanda

Previously frequent winners for Wanda's Commercial Group, Haskoll has widened it's working more


Haskoll Gains Two Commissions for Guohai Mixed Use Development

The Guohai Group, experienced developers and operators of large mixed use more


2014 ISDPORMB Speech

The Commercial Real Estate Development Operation and Planning Conference was held in Beijing on 21st and 22nd March more


Speech at Shanghai Commercial Architectural Design Forum

The Commercial Architectural Design Forum, organized by the Architectural Society of more


UK Consulate in Chongqing visited Haskoll London

A delegation team from the British Consulate in Chongqing visited Haskoll's London office on 5th March more


Haskoll 2013 Major Projects

In 2013, Haskoll extended its built portfolio in mainland China by completing projects in ten more


Haskoll Conference Held in Beijing Xiangshan Hotel

The opening day of the first phase of New Square attracted over 20,000 customers and 124,000 during the first week of more


Real CS Outdoor Field - Haskoll 2013 Celebrations

The opening day of the first phase of New Square attracted over 20,000 customers and 124,000 during the first week of more


Haskoll Creates the New Concept of “Movie park”

The “Movie Experience Park” of Sanya Resort designed by Haskoll has been recently more


Shanghai Yuzhou Tower Reaching finish

Shanghai Yuzhou Tower designed by Haskoll has been under construction and will be completed early next more



Haskoll Stand in the exhibition

Haskoll was invited to attend and take part in the project exhibition in 2013 UK-China Business Summit in more


Haskoll Joined Executive Committee of BritCham

Confirmed by Ralph Rogers, the Director of British Chamber of Commerce in China at the 2013 China-UK Business more


Sponge: the Ultimate Weapon

Haskoll announced its ‘Sixth circulation model: Sponge’ at the 2013 ICSC Recon Asia in more


Master Planning on Jiaozhou Development Area

In December, Haskoll signed the contract with Jiaozhou government on the master planning of Development more


Chongqing Sustainable City Mission

Chongqing Sustainable City Mission organized by UK Trade and Investment was held on 4th more


Haskoll Attended ICSC RECon as Speaking Guest

Haskoll attended the 2013 ICSC RECon Asia conference as a principal guest speaker on the 2nd and 3rd of more


Meeting PM

Haskoll China was invited to attend the 2013 UK-China Business Summit which was addressed by Chinese Vice Premier Wang more


'Matrix VS Zion' on ICSC Conference

Adrian Cooper, Haskoll China Project Director was invited as a guest speaker and an inspirational speech was made by Project more


Launch of Hangzhou Shimao Mixed Use Project

The Hangzhou Shimao project designed by Haskoll was launched in more


Hangzhou-UK Sustainable Building Conference

On Nov. 29th 2013, the Hangzhou-UK Sustainable Building Conference organized by UKTI was held in Hangzhou, and Haskoll were more


Haskoll's UK Chairman Visits China

Derek Barker, Haskoll London Chairman visited the Haskoll Beijing Office on 29th Nov., and shared with his colleagues the most up to date design trends from around the more


Haskoll Joined EU-China Urbanisation Exhibition

The 2013 EU-China Exhibition on Urban Development was held in Beijing on 21st-23rd more


Opening of Whitepeak Qingdao Central Park villa

The launching ceremony of Whitepeak Qingdao Central Park Villa was held on the 23rd of more


Haskoll China MD Meeting London Mayor

The Creativity Exhibition organized by LUIP was held in Beijing 789 Art Community on 17th more


Relocation of Haskoll Shanghai Office

Haskoll China has experienced steady growth in the past nine years since its more


Wanda Neijiang Won the Design Competition

Haskoll won the design competition for Neijiang Wanda Plaza hotel project in more


Haskoll's London Office Hosts GCPA

A team of delegates from Guangdong City Planning Association (GCPA) visited Haskoll London office on 12th September and received a training course delivered more


CBBC Chairman: Handover in British Embassy

The handover of CBBC chairmanship was held in the British Embassy in Beijing on 5th more


Tianjin Clubhouse Opening

Tianjin Tiantai Clubhouse, designed by Haskoll, was officially opened to the public in more


'Brand Value China' on SMART Talk

The SMART Integrated Resorts Development Conference was held in Beijing on 23rd and 24th more


Changchun Kuancheng Wanda Plaza Opening

Changchun Kuancheng Wanda Plaza, designed by Haskoll, was officially opened to the public on 16th more


Changchun Kuancheng Wanda Plaza Opening

Changchun Kuancheng Wanda Plaza, designed by Haskoll, was officially opened to the public on 16th more


Beijing Joining Hands with London

Followed by the Beijing office expansion in Guangming Hotel, Haskoll London contributed more than 30 more


Competiton for North Star Group

Haskoll successfully bid in the competition for the interior of a villa style residential project, developed by North Star more


BMCUP Visited Haskoll London Office

The delegation team of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning visited Haskoll London office and listened more


Summer Garden Party

Haskoll was invited by the British Chamber of Commerce for the Annual General Meeting and BritCham Two Decades more


‘Brand Value China’

Haskoll shared expert opinions on the trends of retail and leisure facilities by delivering on The 2nd International Conference on Design and more


Haskoll Attends ICSC Event

On 6th June, Haskoll China attended ICSC 2013 China Members Program, which was launched in Solana more


Hunan MOU Coorperation

A Memorandum of Understanding between CBBC and Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce has established a cooperative more


World Garden Expo

Haskoll China visited the 9th China( Beijing) International Garden Expo on 20th more


Haskoll Hosted The Launch of UCL's 4th Built Environment

On 21st March, 2013, The launch of UCL’s 4th Built Environment Club(Beijing) was more


Conversation Between Peter Goldsmith, Henry Yang of Haskoll and Mr Wang Shi of Vanke

Haskoll took part in a series of activities for Cambridge Business College , senior management staff of more


Chairman Peter Goldsmith Gave a Lecture to Students

In the speech entitled “World Trade in the Eyes of Architects”, Peter Goldsmith, the Chairman of more


Design Director Gareth Hardy Gave a Lecture to Students

Gareth Hardy , the Design Director of Haskoll introduced the project from the perspective of commercial and interior more


Haskoll and Guests of UCL in the Banquet

Professor Bob Sheil from UCL Bartlett presided over the opening ceremony, both David Cobb, the Bartlett more


Peter Goldsmith, the Chairman and Dr. Henry Yang, the Managing Director of Haskoll Held Media Interview

Peter Goldsmith, the Chairman and Dr. Henry Yang, the Managing Director of Haskoll held a media more


Haskoll Gave Lecture to EMBA of Cambridge

On 17th,18th March, Haskoll took part in a series of activities for Jude Business College of more


Relocation of Haskoll's Shanghai Office

Haskoll China founded its Shanghai office in June 2011 and officially relocated from more


New collaboration with Marks & Spencers

Haskoll is happy again to be working with our decade long standing client “Marks and Spencer”, now more


Tianjin Clubhouse Interior

After completion of Tianjin Taiandao’s exhibition and retail centre Haskoll has again been commissioned with the complete interior design of Taiandao’s third more


2012 Year In Review Conference

On 25th Jan 2013 Haskoll China held their yearly review conference at Beijing Crab more



Competition for Wanda Longyan Project

In December 2012 our architects won a competition for Wanda Longyan more


British Chamber's 'Best of British' Christmas Party

On 8th Dec 2012 Haskoll’s Chairman Peter Goldsmith, Managing Director Dr Yang Zhen and representatives from various more


Haskoll's September Events

This September was marked by many exciting events. Our Chairman Peter Goldsmith was invited to the 5th TCED Convention in more


Completion of Phase One to Penglai Joy Plaza

Joy Plaza reached a milestone last month with the completion of the superstructure to phase more


Haskoll's and Anteaeus' Ongoing Collaboration

Haskoll was invited to work with the Antaeus Group once again on the Mangrove Forest Hotel and Shopping more


Kaifeng Qingming River City

The Qingming River City project is located within the ancient city walls of Kaifeng, more


Gongyi Qinglongshan Resort Master Plan

Our drive to develop our tourism and master planning business is bearing fruit. A recent commission by a private more


Antaeus Group Visits Haskoll Office

Haskoll was proud to receive a visit on 13th Sep 2012 from Antaeus Real Estate Group led by their Project Director Lu and Interior Design Manager more


2012 ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit

On 11th Sep 2012 the ICSC hosted the first of their quadrennial Retail Real Estate World Summits within more


Haskoll visits Wanda Group

On 10th September 2012 Haskoll’s Managing Director Derek Barker (London), Chairman Peter Goldsmith and Managing Direcor Dr. Zhen Yang more


Hainan Qinglongshan Resort Project

Our client has commissioned Haskoll to prepare a master plan for a 9 km² area in central Hainan in collaboration with an economics more


Wanda Guangzhou

Haskoll maintains close cooperation with Wanda Group, and has been honoured to participate in Wanda Guangzhou bid more


Linyi London Gardens Opening

London Gardens is a high-end, low-density townhouse residential community, located in the heart of Linyi city, Shandong more



On July 7-8, 2012, the 1st International Architecture Communication Conference on Design and Planning of Commercial more


Haskoll Moves into New Offices in Guangming Office Building

Haskoll have expanded and officially moved into Beijing Guangming Hotel Office Tower located in the Lufthansa embassy area in June more


Joy Plaza Groundbreaking Ceremony and Sales Leasing Centre Opening

Joy Plaza is designed to become the first open-air “Shopping Park” in Penglai, combining more


Haskoll Team Outward Bound

As one of the world’s top design teams, Haskoll not only provides a high quality design service to more


UK Architecture is GREAT

The British government’s GREAT Campaign to promote all that is “Great” about the UK is set to more


The 8th IGEBC

As participants in the Eco-Cities and Green Building Group – promoted by UK Trade and Investment team – Haskoll more


Whitepeak 'Shandong Jiaozhou' Project

The “Shandong Jiaozhou” project is located in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, covering an area of about 180,000 square more


Haskoll Work with Chongqing New Open Group

Haskoll has been successfully working closely with Chongqing New Open Group during more


Wanda Bengbu

Haskoll maintains close cooperation with Wanda Group, and has been honoured to participate in Wanda Bengbu bid more


Haskoll Work with Antaeus Group

Antaeus Group committed to bring in a brand new lifestyle, and to create the first resort destination brand in China - Mangrove Tree Resort more


'Commercial and Retail led design' Talk in Tongji University

The talk on the topic of ‘Commercial and Retail led Design’ was held in Shanghai Tongji Architectural Design Institute on 28th March more


British Embassy Residence Reception

Haskoll Managing Director Mr. Zhen Yang was invited by The British Ambassador Mr. Sebastian Wood more


Wanda Changchun 2011-09-30

Wanda Changchun

Haskoll won the bid of Changchun Wanda Plaza Project in September 2011. Haskoll’s highly skilled more


Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your constant concern and support for Haskoll. We are well aware that every bit of progress and success we make is the result of your trust, support and more


Haskoll Join UK Green Building Council

Launched in 2007, The UK Green Building Council is an organisation which bringing together anyone involved in the complex process of more


Space Syntax Group Ltd Visit Haskoll

The director of Space Syntax Group from London University Ed Parham visited Haskoll Beijing office and had a meeting with chairman Peter more


CEO of Cyril Sweett Visit Haskoll Beijing Office

Cyril Sweett Group is an international construction and property consultancy offering expertise......

read more


Fabric Factory

Haskoll has completed design scheme submission for “Shengrun Jinxiu Spring” project, which is now in the phase for government more


IVL Visit Haskoll for Coroparation

As one of the environmental organizations with highest qualifications, the Sweden Environment Research Institute (IVL) more


Penglai Mixed Use Development Start

Penglai Mixed Use Development project, cooperated between Haskoll and Whitepeak Real Estate, has officially started, and Haskoll has started detailed design work in the planning scheme more


Haskoll at MAPIC 2011

The 2011 International Retail Real Estate Expo (MAPIC) was held in 16-18 November in Cannes, more


Haskoll 2011 Autumn Qingdao Trip

After the successful trip of all Haskoll employees to Shanghai Expo in 2010, Haskoll had another autumn outing in more


Wanda Dongguan

Haskoll maintains close cooperation with Wanda, and has been honored to participate in Wanda Dongguan bid more


Tianjin Tianma Linxidi Villa Showroom

As a new landmark for leisure in Tianjin, Linxidi project is a low density detached villa project more


Haskoll Cooperates with White Peak for 'Shandong Jining Villa' Project

The “Shandong Jining Villa” project is located in Beihu new district in Jining, Shandong, facing Weihai Mountain...... read more


Taizhou Village Obtained Urban Planning Approval

“Taizhou Shopping Village” project has passed urban planning review and entered the phase for architectural design more


The 4th International Symposium on Design of Contemporary Retail & Mixed-Use Buildings

On September 3-4, 2011, the 4th ISDCR&MB was held in more


Haskoll Work with Yuzhou Group

Haskoll has kept a long-standing cooperation with Yuzhou Group, and have completed now more


Linyi Interior Villas

Haskoll were invited to provide the interior design to one of our recent residential architectural project, London Gardens Residential Development in LinYi, Shandong more


Tianjin Joy Park Opens Soon

Recently the Joy Park project, a cooperation between Haskoll and RK Real Estate nears more


Haskoll Beijing Undertake Project in Austria

Haskoll Beijing and London architects have been working together on Fischa Park, a project located in Wiener Neustadt, more


Haskoll Proud to Work with Wanda Group

As a leading commercial real estate enterprise in China, Wanda enjoys good reputation in the real estate more


Tianjin Government Leaders Visit Tai'andao

In the morning of July 27, leaders from Tianjin municipal government, including Zhang Gaoli, municipal Party secretary of more


Speech at Zhejiang University

Haskoll’s innovative designs and ideas has resulted in many built projects around the world, which has been a great attribute socially, culturally and more


Taiandao Club House Grand Opening

Valued at a total of 70billion RMB, the Tianjin Taiandao Club House is the most important construction project in Tianjin in more


UCL Meeting

Haskoll, UCL, British Embassy and world famous real estate developers organized a symposium regarding more


Joy Park Opening Soon

Joy Park is currently under construction. It is situated in the residential area of Taiyang more


Haskoll China Official Website Available

It is a great honour for us to announce that the Haskoll official website has been successfully launches in more


A Royal Engagement

On September 10, 2010, Prince Andrew came to the beautiful Tianjin in “The British international trade and investment special representative” more

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