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Tea Factory Refurbishment Design

After a successful bid, Haskoll have been working on the refurbishment for an old tea factory complex in Shanghai. The project has now hit schematic design completed. 

The site of this project is located in the North of Yangpu District,paralleled with Qiu River. We attempt to transfer the old factory into a modern efficient creative park enhancing the interest and theme of the space with commercial and office accommodations. Along the riverfront area is located the leisure centre of the scheme. The stepped landscape creates the rest areas, and a riverside trail, an open-air theater and restaurants making full use of the riverside area. 

The original factory building will converted into a naturally-lit SOHO style office spaces.The use of green metal paint and the yellow ston paint makes the building vivid and eye-catching. Steel balconies and wood-like canopies provide depth and interest to the facade.