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Understanding and Designing for the Movement of People

Understanding and designing for the Movement of People makes communities and commerce work, and this what has been at the heart of Haskoll’s architectural and urban design for China over the last 10 years. China is the envy of the world in how it has successfully delivered major infrastructure projects to help the movement of people and therefore create a basis for successful commerce and urbanisation across China.

Recently this progress has come under threat from the spread of a virus called COVID-19 but this has created only a temporary halt to the movement of people. Buildings and urban environments will again need developing based on a detailed and knowledgeable understanding of people movement that will be a necessary condition to kick start the economy. It will be fundamental to build again successful and local businesses and thriving neighbourhood communities that replace the fear and isolation from social interaction and life that have been peoples’ experience over the last couple of months.  

Through this difficult time Haskoll have been able to work on a number of live TOD (Transport Orientated Design) for the city in the south. Their technology has been utilised not just to allow remote working practice but also with specialist design and space mapping programmes test circulation and maximise the commercial value of these projects with a viable mix of uses that create neighbourhood centres with high commercial value.