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Beijing North Star Villa is officially completed

On 29 October 2015, a grand opening ceremony of North Star Villa 1900 was held in Beijing, which brought another high-end project to Beijing Shunyi new district. On 01 November 2015, the sales center and the show room which are designed by Haskoll are officially opened. The sales center is about 600 square meters, and its main building is 6.75 meter tall. The main structure is steel, and wall is decorated with frame glass, which is full of natural feelings and designing tension. The sales center lasted the North American styles of North Star Villa 1900, and the idea came from a curve chair designed by an American designer--Charles Williams. Making the use of the interaction of curves and straight lines of modern design, and sketched out a flow line design space. 

Haskoll concerned about the design details and the demand of users, a separated children's playing area was designed. It not only providing a dynamic space for children but also providing a quiet business area for customers at the same time. 

Haskoll will continue its design concept and service concept to delivery top-quality projects to all of our clients.