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Haskoll is bringing the Long History of TOD (Transport Orientated Development) to China

London Bridge was opened in 1836, making it the oldest station in London.

But by 1900, it was just one of 18 mainline operational railways stations in London.


This station has been remodelled and radically redeveloped over the years and has recently won architectural awards for its redevelopment.


It also includes the world famous ‘Shard’ tower by Renzo Piano which is such a prominent landmark in London.


This station is a prime example of TOD (Transport Orientated Development) and is one of many stations that Haskoll have worked on over the years as stations continue to become more than just places to catch a train.  They are of such high value due to their ‘connectedness’ that they are must destinations in which to work, live or stay and also meet up, shop or eat and drink with friends.


Some other London stations and transport hubs in UK and Europe that Haskoll have worked on over the last 20 years include; Liverpool Street, Victoria Station, Waterloo Station.


Recently in China we have also worked on many interesting TOD projects. These also include bus hubs and developments around subway stations.


In China, there are added complications with increased numbers of people that make safety and space requirements that much more onerous.  We invest a lot in CAD modelling to test this and ensure that every square metre is optimised for efficient circulation but also that the rental space created takes full advantage of strong footfall and maximised visibility.