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“Dust& Light” Art Exhibition

On 17 March 2016, Xie Hong Dong solo exhibition: Dust & Light sponsored by “Haskoll” and “Telescope” was officially opened in Beijing Shimao Gongsan Plaza. More than a hundred artists and art lovers got together to attend the opening ceremony, enjoying the infinite charm that art brought us. 

Xie Hongdong, a young artist of the new generation, expresses his memory of Chinese disappearing culture under the industrialization by recording Gansu local people’s life in Gansu Tianshui with his camera. His photographic works are mainly abstract, landscape and portrait series, with sharp contrast of broken and shiny. They bring people an amazing, mysterious and lovely visual feast, just like a life journey with ecstasy, fear, mystery and struggle. 

As a British famous design company, Haskoll not only has its own understanding of design and arts, we also deeply know the importance of corporate social responsibility. Haskoll has tried different ways to pay back to society, like creating special art office in prosperous business district, holding art exhibition to pull into the distance between contemporary art and the general public. 

In the future, Haskoll will promote a series of arts and charity programmes, in order to create a new platform to support more young artists all over the world, to encourage the innovation of contemporary art and to attract more attention. We would like to maximize present social value of a corporate by keep developing sustainable public welfare activities.