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Haskoll China MD Dr. Yang zhen was invited to give speech in World Design Capital Architecture Forum 2016

Haskoll China MD Dr. Yang zhen was invited to the Taipei World Design Capital Architecture Forum 2016, which was organized by the EMBA and Alumni Association from Taipei's National Chengchi University. Here, he spoke about the “6 Principle types of for organization and circulation” and “How to design consumption space for self-actualization?” on 17th June and 19th June respectively. 

The forum was aimed at discussing the future city development and the venation of urban design. By means of conversations among world-class experts, the forum provided a platform to explore how to break through the current urban architecture planning, and how to promote the practical feasibility of “Life Health, Eco-sustainability, Urban revitalization” and “Intelligent life”. The other three invited main speakers are Prof. Peter Bishop from UCL, famous Taiwanese architect Joshua Jih Pan from J.J Pan and Partners, and Joseph Chou, the President of Taipei 101. 

Dr. Yang zhen has nearly 10 years study and working experience in the UK, as well as comprehensive experience on domestic projects. His background has provided him with broad international perspective on design. Dr. Yang zhen shared with the audience Haskoll’s research achievements summarized across 40 years of global commercial design experience. Through the use of case studies, he elaborated on how Haskoll understands and designs for “Smart consumption space”.