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Yufeng Wang's Solo Exhibition

On the 12st of August, 2016, Yufeng Wang's solo exhibition held by Haskoll and The Showroom was officially opened in Clerkenwell Space, Beijing,The opening ceremony welcomed more than one hundred artists and guests. Yufeng Wang, Nikolaus Ellrodt from The Showroom and Peter Goldsmith, Chairman of Haskoll attended the ceremony to present artworks and chat over with guests. 

Yufeng Wang, as a young artist, introduced simple objects such as typewriters, pliers, punching machines, paint brushes, and compasses in his paintings to deliver his concepts and idea. He added that these are presenting the era now being replaced by digital technology. 

As a design company, Haskoll not only adds value to the urban development, but also encourages the innovation of contemporary art. Haskoll will continue to provide a platform for more art and charity programs in the future.