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Haskoll attends at Smart City Review Meeting

Peter Goldsmith, Chairman of Haskoll Beijing as a panel of experts attended Review Meeting of International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) Smart City Pilot Selection on the 19th June, 2017. 

ISO as an international standard-setting body is selecting 10 Pilot Smart Cities across the world from 200 applicant cities. Countries including China, US, UK, Spain, Netherlands and Japan will participate in the selection process. 

This meeting invited experts from China, UK and Japan including Dr. Biyu Wan, Chief Scientist for ISO-TC268/SC1Vice-Chairperson and Dr. Yoshiaki Ichikawa, Senior Chief Engineer of Hitachi as Chairman. They mainly reviewed 8 Chinese cities that are applying for a pilot city status in the development of the new International ISO268/SC1 standard for smart cities. 

The result of the pilot selection will be announced at Smart City iForum on the 28th of June in Shanghai.