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China Hotel STARLIGHT AWARDS was announced.......

China Hotel STARLIGHT AWARDS was announced, Haskoll projects were selected.

On Mar. 28th -29th, the 13thChina Hotel Starlight Awards Ceremony as well as the Asian Hotel Annual Forumwas successfully held in Grand Hyatt Shanghai. The leaders from different fieldsgathered to share their knowledge and make the brand new splendid hotel prosper.

The Ceremony awarded both companies and individuals who weredevoted to and made outstanding contributions to the hotel industry. TheHaskoll project, Libre Resorts Huangshan, won the “Top 10 Newly Open Hotels ofChina” and another Haskoll project, Wanda VistaHarbin, won the prize for “Most Preferred Hotelsfor Business Travelers of China”.  Click “read more” to see the full list.

Fuhua Group intends to buildthe chain brand New world club Hotel in Huangshan asthe first location. Inspired by the unique ecological resources of Huangshan, the owner has developed a new philosophy to subvertthe traditional travel industry, and create a "one in all-inclusive"innovative business model, filling the blank of domestic new style leisure hotel.Projects target the concept of "innovationchanges the world", leisure, vacation, travel, health industry as thecore, to build theme parks, international business, fashion and entertainment,high-end hotels, cultural experiences  and a eco vacation multi-dimensionalformat in one of the world's best vacationdestinations.

In the traditional Hui style for commercial street design, Haskoll combine the "innovation" of modern designwith the local historical architectural fusion of culture fusion. The local design features introduced include elementslike Ma Tau wall, brick, stone, wood, Huizhou mural, and gateway arch, into the traditional street concept and thereby createa comfortable and leisure scene into the commercial street.

The HarbinWanda Hotel project is located in a primelocation in the Songbei District of Harbin. With a site area is 114,000 square metres and gross floor area measures 244,900 square metres, the hotel complex contains a 6-star hotel, two 5-star hotels and a host of commercial units atstreet level. 

The design was inspired by the forms of wind-driven snow – a common landscape feature during winters in Harbin. Haskoll developed the concept throughout the design stages in tandem with the client. The hotels opened to their first guests in September, 2017.