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Haskoll was invited to participate in “the high end seminar of commercial theme block”

Before the seminar, Mr. Yang zexuan, founder of wanshang club, made a brief introduction to the basic situation and development of wanshang club, and made a speech on the topic of this seminar.
Subsequently, the participants had an active and heated discussion on the four main topics in the seminar.

First of all, as for the emergence of the "business theme block", participants thought that the main reasons are as follows:
1. After the development of shopping centers for a considerable period of time, they need to get rid of homogeneous operation to form their own distinctive characteristics;
2. In order to compete with the rapid development of online business, physical business needs to increase experience;
3. Shopping centers need to increase drainage methods and share the results;
4. Need for investment attraction, operation, accurate positioning of design and continuous refinement;
5. Deal with and increase the efficiency of "cold area" of shopping center;
6. Highlight the media role of shopping malls in life and solve face-to-face problems between people;
7. Adapt to and use the development of "we media" to fit the economic effect of web celebrity;
8. People's nostalgia for traditional shopping streets;
9. The shops in the shopping center were adjusted due to the cancellation of the lease of the big shops.
Above a few points covered basically "commercial theme block" jumping-off point, but the jumping-off point of each estate business also is not identical.

Then discussion with guests looked around "theme commercial block" for the development of the status quo, from the earliest start of tianjin Joy City commune "penguin" recently opened in changchun, very eye-catching "this have mountain", now has opened nearly 200 theme commercial block, for our discussion provides a rich research material and basis.

As for the problems existing in the "commercial theme block", the guests had a heated discussion. We found that: the current "commercial theme block" has obvious bandwagon effect, many of which are caused by inaccurate positioning, weak pertinence and insufficient market fit, resulting in poor drainage effect.
In addition, the combination of many theme blocks with products and investment promotion is not good, and the follow-up work has no direction.
Also, the ability to coordinate tenants is not enough to achieve the desired effect of the theme block.
In addition, the theme block investment is too large, the return is uncertain, and a large number of theme blocks appear, and a new round of homogeneous management, easy to produce aesthetic fatigue;
In addition, too much attention to the scene, the fire and commercial line to cause a lot of problems...

At last, when discussing the future development direction of the "commercial theme block", the participants had a disagreement: one participant believed that the theme block would be eliminated after the stage of rapid development due to its many problems and flooding, and the commercial scene would ultimately come down to the value of the business itself.
While the other part of the guests are still very optimistic about the development of "business theme block", but there may be continuous changes and development...

After more than two hours of heated discussion, people have always thought that such a highly professional seminar is very interesting, very valuable, and very willing to actively participate.
I hope that wanshang design committee can hold more similar activities and make its due contribution to the development of commercial real estate in China.