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Wanda Vista Harbin Grand Opening

Wanda Vista Harbin, together with Harbin Wanda City had its grand opening on the 30th of June.

Located southwest of Harbin Wanda City, Wanda Vista Harbin enjoys a prime location, only a 30-minute drive from main traffic nodes. It is not only a landmark but also the only 6-star hotel within Northeast District in China. Combining elements of a Russian manor, the hotel features a Russian royal courtyard design and unique charms of ‘the Oriental Moscow’- Harbin. 

Haskoll joined the project in the early 2014 and mainly completed façade and entrance design for Wanda Vista Harbin. The project introduced the unique characteristics of buildings and climate in Russia. Edges and lines are softly curved to reflect the heavy snow in Russia and the facade uses aluminum panels with white, light and strong grey colour to feature snowflakes in a mosaic design. 

Wanda Vista Harbin as a landmark of Harbin Wanda City is set to become a unique new destination for vacations and conferences, as well as offer an unprecedented experience to guests from all over the world.