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Trinity Square Nottingham

Nottingham, England

Name of Project:Trinity Square Nottingham

Client:Helical Retail and Overton Developments

Area (sqm):12400sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design, Interior Design Urban Design and Master, Planning

This project is a mixed-use development on a 1.24 hectares site made up of two existing urban blocks. It is situated on the northern side of the city's central core. This enhanced Nottingham's role as a pre-eminent European City and fulfilled the high demand for student residences. Designed daytime use is for local businesses and shoppers while nighttime is for relaxed residents and visitors to the Nottingham area. Creating a mixed-use high end development, we now have the largest commercial development in the area in 25 years. 

Haskoll created a compatible commercial mix that includes shops and restaurants on the lower level with leisure and entertainment on the upper levels. A public care park is above ground with nearby student apartments.  

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