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Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort

Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Name of Project:Hangzhou Mangrove Tree Resort

Client:Antaeus group

Area (sqm):220000sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design, Interior Design, Urban Design and Master, Planning Consultancy

Based on Hangzhou’s well-deserved reputation as a holiday destination, Antaeus Group has developed a new resort combining business and leisure functions, covering almost 22 hectares at the confluence of two rivers. Haskoll won the bid for the project, including the architectural and interior design scheme and the initial stage design.

As the main architectural designer of the project, Haskoll explores the design elements of traditional water towns, such as wharfs, wetlands, awning ships, stone arches and other design elements to simplify and sublimate the design. In an effort to create a modern water town with a traditional water lane concept, using modern design techniques. This project consists of 1600 rooms, including the film workshop, art district, commercial area, exhibition center, courtyard hotel, the waterfront shopping street and water park.

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