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Hailongtun Tourist Village

Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

Name of Project:Hailongtun Tourist Village

Client:Legend Cultural Development Co. Ltd.

Area (sqm):29,699sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design Urban Design and Master Planning Consultancy

The project is located at Hailongtun military castle scenic buffer zone in Guizhou, China and the planning area is up to 31.37 hectares. Hailongtun is well-known as the historic birth place of Chinese Tusi Castle from the Song dynasty. It was listed as a World Heritage Site on 6th, July, 2015. Traditional dwellings in Hailongtun are mainly built in wood, stone and clay. The architectural design for Hailongtun retained those old structures and materials as much as possible and even reused discarded building components like doors and windows to stay consistent with the local venacular. This exciting new project for Hailongtun will bring more opportunties for the local tourism industry and local economy. The project was successfully completed and opened during 2018 and has become a draw for entertainment and leisure events for the area.

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