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Huancuiyu Yellow River

Zhengzhou, Henan

Name of Project:Huancuiyu Yellow River

Client:The Yellow River CSCTD Co., Ltd.

Area (sqm):30smkm

Type of Service:Tourism and Leisure

On November 16, 2015, the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Development Company Ltd. held a public bidding on Huancui Valley and Guangwu town planning & design project in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. According to the rules and procedures, they had bid opening and evaluation, Haskoll and China building Technique Group Co., Ltd. successfully won the bidding in the form of joint bidding.

Huancui Valley Landscape Scenery is located on the northern side of Mount Song. The scenic area is located in Xingyang, 40 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, the overall planning area of resorts and surrounding areas is about 30 square kilometers, and it is located at the junction of three villages--Ying, Mi and Gong. Haskoll have carried out research, analyzing the natural resources, cultural resources, the core area characteristics, topography, land use, water resources, internal transportation and geographic conditions; these include the historical heritage , religious culture and intangible cultural heritage. With this analysis Haskoll developed a highly feasible and unique plan.

This plan is based on a full understanding and response to the culture resources of the Yellow River and Central plains, combined with the ecological resources of the river plain. It will meet the demand of urban citizens to return to nature, to taste and to experience historical culture, and finally build an eco-cultural tourism resort which will release the Central Plain’s leisure market with huge potential.

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