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SUNAC Zunhua Town Planning

Zunhua City, Hebei Province, PRC

Name of Project:SUNAC Zunhua Town Planning


Area (sqm):14Square kilometer

Type of Service:Urban Planning

The base is located in Shimen town, Zunhua city, Hebei province, at the south foot of Yanshan mountain in the northeast of Hebei province, with the Great Wall in the north, Beijing in the west, Tianjin and Tangshan in the south, and Liaoning & Shenyang in the east. The project is positioned as " Ritual China: the only tourism area with ritual culture characteristics in China". As a "supporting facility" for the world heritage of the eastern tombs of the Qing dynasty, this project complements and extends the functions and contents of it as a tourist area. In Zunhua city, it follows the historical mission, builds the city tourism brand and characteristics. In terms of social value, it inherits Chinese civilization and carries forward the ritual system spirit. The plan forms the structure of "one core, four landscape types and five area”: with core resource experience area and sports theme area as the core; "mountain, water, field, forest" four landscape artistic conception. The five areas: historical theme area, humanistic theme area, cultural theme area, social theme area and natural theme area.

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