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Chengtian Commercial Centre

Jiangyin, Jiangsu

Name of Project:Chengtian Commercial Centre

Client:Golden Orange Group

Area (sqm):9,0000sqm

Type of Service:Interior Design

Jiangyin Chengtian Cinema is one of the super-large scale digital cinema series from Orange Sky Entertainment Group. The total area of this 7-storey building is over 90,000sqm
The cinema creates a new level from the brand effect provided by the shops, bookstores and the restaurants where shoppers can have a richer experience. The most unique feature is a large social reading area for young people, which provides various functions, including café, art and a rest area. These spaces are divided by high wooden bookcases which create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Lighting design and interior landscape area have also been carefully integrated.
After the project is completed, it is expected to be the largest urban Mixed Use  in Asia with functional assistance, specialty catering, original retail, service and entertainment, accessories and groceries, arts and crafts, and children's experience.

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