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Hangzhou Nanshan Silk Village


Name of Project:Hangzhou Nanshan Silk Village

Client:Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee

Area (sqm):3,800sqkm

Type of Service:Urban Design and Master Planning

Haskoll has officially accepted the entrustment of the owner to serve as the general counsel for the Nanshan International Silk Town Project of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area.

Hangzhou Nanshan International Silk Town is situated at the north end of Phoenix Mountain with a total planning area is 3,800sqkm. The National Silk Museum is located in the centre of the town and the town has the potential to become an international hub for China's silk culture and industry.

This site analysis shows that the town has low accessibility and many dilapidated houses which do not match the historic culture of the town. Haskoll's planning vision is 'to build a dynamic historic town founded on its traditional silk culture, innovative business and strong tourism.' Haskoll proposes six functional zones surrounded by the traditional valley. These zones will provide a mixture of uses that serve a diversity of stakeholders and visitors and include education, live-work accommodation, culture, leisure, a theatre, exhibition space, hotel and tourism generally.

In the follow-up project process, the Haskoll team will continue to meet the project needs with excellent design and perfect service, and make Hangzhou Nanshan International Silk Town become the global creative center of silk practitioners and the global display of silk and its products as publishing platform.

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