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Shengsi Island Resort Master Plan

Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Name of Project:Shengsi Island Resort Master Plan

Client:Antaeus Group

Area (sqm):2400,000sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design Urban Design and Master Planning

Recent infrastructure works have improved the accessibility of this archipelago from mainland China and invited their development as a leisure destination. As the largest island in the group, Shengsi Island will act as the ‘mother-ship’: co-ordinating all kinds of marine and cultural adventures. A large stretch of reclaimed land on the island itself will act as the island’s focus. 

The island resort will cover 240 hectare and accommodate 8000 hotel rooms and villas. Of these, the client will operate a selection and pursue its own brand of ‘culture-rich’ leisure attraction. Providing the Master Plan for this resort, Haskoll’s designs envisage a ‘family’ of hotels around a ‘dinner table’ offering a diverse array of ‘delicacies’. These include art galleries, cinemas, a theatre, water parks, a botanic experience centre and over 200 restaurants. The Master Plan also accommodates strategies for the civil engineering challenges of reclaiming land subject to tidal surges. 

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