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Baimashan Mountain Master Plan

Wulong District, Chongqing

Name of Project:Baimashan Mountain Master Plan

Client:Shanghai Oriental Pearl OPG

Area (sqm):3.7sqkm

Type of Service:Urban Design and Master Planning

Baima Mountain is located in the eastern part of Chongqing, the hinterland of Baima Mountain in Wulong district, about 120 km away from the city. The Wulong district has convenient transportation and is an important transportation and trade hub of Chongqing’s one-hour economic circle radiating from southeast Chongqing to northeast Guizhou. In the future, the high-speed railway will be open to reach the downtown area of Chongqing within half an hour. The northern part of the project land faces the Fairy Mountain across the river (Wujiang river);

Now leads to Wangxian cliff 2nd phase; The west side and south side are adjacent to the scenic area, and the tourist reception center is located in the southeast direction of the project land. The planned total land area is 5547 mu, of which the construction land area is 2300 mu.

Based on the investigation and analysis of the project traffic location, current conditions, natural, cultural resources, upper planning, market and customer groups, case studies, etc., the product system architecture is proposed, which is based on the "immersive experience alpine resort, driven by five strategies and supported by five products”. To create an “International leading immersive mountain resort integrating high-quality, distinctive features, innovative business and full-time experience ". There are five strategies which include a land use strategy, a themes strategy, a traffic strategy, ecological strategy and the functions & activities strategy which all combine the fashion lifestyle with local cultural resources to build this successful project.

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