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Changchun Lotus Ecotourism Resort

Changchun City

Name of Project:Changchun Lotus Ecotourism Resort

Client:Changchun Lotus Ecotourism Resort Management Committee

Area (sqm):40.14sqkm

Type of Service:Urban Design and Master Planning

Changchun Lotus Ecotourism Resort is located at the Changbaishan Mountain of East Changchun, Jilin province. The planning control area is 417sqkm. To the east is the Shitoumenko Reservoir—Yinma River from JiLin; the site area connects with the Changchun Jingyue Development Zone and Shuangyang District to the south and the west borders on downtown Changchun. The north is close to the Changchun Technology Development Zone and Jiutai.

All Season Resort’s planning area is about 40.14sqkm. Its western region is bordered by the current Shuanglong Road, the northern and eastern regions are bordered by Water source protected area, and the southern region is bordered by other projects sites. Using the quantitative analysis methods, data visualization, decision tree, factor matching weight, big data and other technical means within the company's self-developed "Value Mapping" system. As drawing on past experience of actual projects and combined with the theme of the case, Haskoll confirmed a specific construction land of about 7.54sqkm. 

Through the analysis of the project site’s geographic location, accessibility, the interpretation of the Master Plan, current site’s conditions and regional resources Haskoll producd a detailed SWOT analysis.

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