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Xinmi Tourist Planning

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, PRC

Name of Project:Xinmi Tourist Planning

Client:Henan lubao

Area (sqm):17.59Square kilometer

Type of Service:Urban Planning

This project is located in Baiya mountain scenic area of Pingmo town, Xinmi prefecture, southwest of Zhengzhou city. The existing road enters the base from the north, and the water body is mainly the reservoir on the east side and the west side. The base is rich in terrain changes, the original network distribution is complex, the construction area is relatively scattered, and no effective streamline has been formed. From the perspective of development intensity, the overall planning of the scenic spot is divided into four levels: real estate development zone -- as the main pillar industry to make profits in the scenic spot, the healthy resort products that meet different needs are developed for lease and sale according to the regional characteristics of topography and landform. Self-management area - a large number of idle terraced fields generated after land acquisition in the scenic area are rented out regularly and adopted by the town for continuous use, serving as outdoor public viewing and experiential landscape of real estate projects. Cooperative operation area - upgrade the infrastructure (culture, health, medical care, rural cooperatives, farmhouses, transportation, canal reservoirs, etc.) of Pingmo town and surrounding villages to form mutually beneficial resources that can be shared with the scenic spot. Upgrading and replacing the original extensive and simple industrial mineral processing mode to reduce the dependence on groundwater and environmental pollution. Ecological conservation area - the former collectively-owned woodland and cultivated land in the core areas of some non-scenic areas shall be "converted to forest and grass" to restore the original natural vegetation, reduce soil erosion, and provide better "green lung" support for scenic areas.

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