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Wanda Changchun


Name of Project:Wanda Changchun

Client:Wanda Group

Area (sqm):351,200sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design

This mixed-use development for the new Changchun branch of China’s major commercial retail and entertainment organization is located in the central area of the city’s Kuancheng district. The total site area of the project is 102,300 sqm with a total above ground GFA 351200sqm. In addition to Wanda’s successful department store and retail focus, this project includes a business hotel, deluxe apartments, premium quality housing and a karaoke venues.

Changchun has a reputation within the film industry. Haskoll’s concept design envelopes the podium buildings with lightweight perforated cladding reminiscent of the city’s heritage. The design thereby provides Changchun with a shopping and leisure centre that is highly identifiable and creates a strong sense of belonging. This project was opened in August 2013.

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