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Beijing Coal Plant Rejuvenation


Name of Project:Beijing Coal Plant Rejuvenation

Client:Orange sky golden harvest entertainment (holdings) limited

Area (sqm):128,000sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design

The project is located at the intersection of the southeast section of Beijing fifth ring road and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei expressway, with convenient transportation and obvious advantages. It has potential strength in cultural communication and information exchange. The project includes seven functional areas: Subway connection, Industrial Heritage Protection Area, Theater Experience Area, 360 Theater Area, Water Park Area, Outdoor Activities Area, Experience Commercial Area. Among them, the ring theater of the theater performance area is planned to be located on the east side of the site and distributed on both sides of the central axis. The building form is mainly in the form of semi-covering soil and sunken block. Combined with the surrounding natural and artificial landscape topography, the architectural modeling is mainly arc shape.

The reconstruction of the industrial site protection area will be based on two old industrial buildings close to the south of the central axis. Based on the fact that the overall architectural style does not change, use the material of glass, transparent plank or metal to enhance the feeling of modern international for old factory area, and can be equipped with a light projection show to enhance visual effect. The renovation of the experimental theater experience area will be based on a series of old industrial buildings close to the north of the central axis. Based on the external outline of the original building, it endows the building with new functions. It is mainly composed of an art activity center, a boutique hotel and a number of small and medium-sized experimental theater studios.

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