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Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel

Hainan Sanya

Name of Project:Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel

Client:Wanda Group

Area (sqm):10000sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design

The Hainan Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort Project, which is developed by Antaeus Group, covers an area of approximately 215,333 sqm. It is located in Begonia Bay, which is known as the “National Coast” in Sanya, Hainan Province. It is adjacent to the luxury yacht club, the seaside golf course and the largest Ocean Park in Asia, which includes China's first seven-star hotel, signature work of the "Mangrove" brand ultra-high-end hotel. Haskoll was invited to design the retail part of the project with a total area of approximately 30,000 sqm. Inspired by the sea-related themes, the entire design aims to create a high-end resort that combines art and leisure, luxurious and modern, yet tropical and oriental.

The location of the project is the only seven-star hotel land planned by the state, and it is also the only super-100-meter building in Begonia Bay, which is regarded as a national coastal landmark. The project also set up a hotel lobby with a height of 30 meters, a pillarless ballroom of 1,720sqm, a canyon commercial district integrating art, fashion, a film workshop, 7 outdoor themed pools, a wedding tower, 6 specialty restaurants, a wide range of facilities such as a sports center and an outdoor children's entertainment park. Haskoll was invited to participate in the project, including the canyon commercial street, banquet hall, film workshop, wedding tower, dining area, Art Today and other architectural design work. The project officially opened on December 24, 2016.

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