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luan wanfouhu resort hotel

Lu'an, Anhui

Name of Project:luan wanfouhu resort hotel

Client:Anhui Wanfo Lake Jinlongwan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Area (sqm):60,000sqm

Type of Service:Architectural Design

Wanfo Lake Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel is located at Wanfo Lake Resort Area, Shucheng County, Lu’an, Anhui province. Wanfo Lake Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel includes the functions of a high quality resort hotel, private villas, recreational facilities and a beautiful landscaped courtyard. The architectural design by Haskoll Architectural Design Consultancy currently includes the completed CD, SD and DD stages and the opening ceremony is timetabled to take place in 2019. Haskoll’s architectural design team have adopted a traditional architectural design approach in meeting the clients vision for this project and the aspirations of the local area. Hence, people, sitting in the public spaces and guestrooms, will enjoy the spectacular views across the lake in privacy and luxurious comfort. The project sits comfortably in its natural landscape and it is located at a peninsula. These natural factors have been taken into consideration from the very beginning of the design development. The layout has been organised to ensure that at any moment and at any place a special view is seen for every guest. The designers have succeeded in making full use of the natural resources; with a wise combination of buildings and natural landscape not just to provide unique views but also to and give people the chance to be close to nature.

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