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Tianjin Taiandao Sales Centre


Name of Project:Tianjin Taiandao Sales Centre


Area (sqm):1500sqm

Type of Service:Interior Design

The distinctive Tai’an district in central Tianjin is rich in heritage and features such cultural landmarks as the British Embassy Building, the Bureau of Mines Building, Nathan’s former residence and the Young Women’s Christian Association. Within it, a large but sensitive re-development fuses conservationist character with modern architecture. 

The prime tower, names Tianjin Tai’an No. 5, raises 50 floors and holds 186,000sqm of real estate. Haskoll was commissioned to design the interiors of the key public spaces – measuring 1000 sqm – on the strength of earlier classical designs in Tai’an. Drawing from the local character and inspired by the carved details of the British Library in London, Haskoll’s designs create a fitting, and stunning, welcome to this high profile tower.

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